Micro-Influencer Campaigns

For brands looking to increase brand awareness, increase Instagram follower growth, collect user-generated content, and drive sales with a 1-time campaign. Micro-influencers (1,000 to 50,000 followers) are more connected with their audience, drive higher engagement rates, and are more cost-effective to work with than macro-influencers. With each campaign, we'll set your objectives & goals prior to delving into 4 stages of the campaign: 

1) Research - developing a targeted list of influencers who meet the brand's criteria regarding: aesthetic, niche, and follower count
2) Outreach - crafting collaboration guidelines and contacting all influencers with the brand's offer
3) Management - managing all communications regarding negotiation, collecting shipping/size information, and follow-ups with posting details and reminders
4) Reporting - monitoring all influencer posts and providing weekly or monthly reports with engagement rates, Instagram follower growth, total reach/impressions and generated sales

Our average campaign engagement rates are 8.41%, resulting in 29.34% follower growth on Instagram. 

Influencer Management

An all-in solution for brands looking to build on-going, long-term relationships with influencers (big & small). This can include: strategy development, micro-influencer campaign execution (1,000 - 50,000 followers), development of ambassador or affiliate programs, relationship management with macro-influencers (100k+ followers). This on-going management often occurs as a natural extension of 1-time campaigns, and is best suited for brands that already understand the importance and value of influencer marketing and prefer an expert to take on all strategy, management, and reporting. 

Influencers (1k - 50k) looking to collaborate with brands can apply to the Micro-Influencer Network, where brand opportunities are posted prior to external outreach. 

1-1 Consulting

For start-up founders, small business owners, and entrepreneurs that require expert insight to influencer marketing, social media strategy, or PR, but want to DIY their own strategy & execution. Kayley is available for 1-1 consulting to answer all of your questions (best practices, how to set influencer rates, expectations, Instagram growth tactics, which platforms to use, etc).

Influencers, bloggers, and podcasters that are looking for growth, collaboration, launch and strategy insights can also book 1-time or ongoing strategy calls.