Privacy Policy

No worries, I got you. 

Dear Digital Humans, 

Here's the thing: just being by on the internet, you leave little footprints everywhere you go (or something like that, I'm a writer, not a programmer). Anyways, I guess that scares some people. So here's me telling you not to be scared (on this corner of the web at least, don't hold me responsible when Facebook steals your identy/soul). 



PS. Serious stuff to follow. Obviously. 

Privacy Policy

I. Personal information such as name and e-mail may be collected from you upon visiting the site, should you provide it voluntarily. Other information such as address and payment information may be collected upon the purchase of a digital/physical item or service through our website. 

II. Your personal information will be kept confidential between our team and any third party partners that assist us in operations (such as Squarespace, MailChimp, and payment processors).

III. We will never sell your personal information to a third party for advertising or unauthorized purposes.

IV. If at any point you would like to remove yourself from our communications, you can easily "unsubscribe" via e-mail. Should you wish to remove all of your personal information from our records, please contact us at:

V. We do our best to ensure your personal information is secure, and safe, in our system. Please understand that despite our efforts, we can not be held responsible for any security breaches that may occur. Unauthorized interceptions of data are beyond our control. 

VI. We reserve the right to edit and update this privacy policy at any point in time, with no given notice.