When Self-Care Isn't "Fun"

I used to hate going to the gym. Or going to the grocery store. Or basically any form of self-care that wasn't "fun". 

I used to view self-care as a luxury: eating out, sleeping in, "treating myself". And girls showed up in my DMs with endless "YASSSSSS". (I mean, who doesn't love a good bubble bath?!)

But self-care HAS to be more than the ~feel good things~. Sometimes, it's facing fears. Sometimes it's physical activity. Sometimes it's spring cleaning. Taxes. Grocery shopping. Showing up when you don't want to. 

I'm tired of the consumerist narrative around self-care. Mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing can't always be bought at LUSH. I'm learning that less is more. And in the process, getting more conscious about my habits as a consumer. I'm imperfect, but working towards a more sustainable, minimalist and cruelty-free lifestyle (wow, that's a buzzword mouthful)


This tote from Package Free Shop is my new go-to for grocery shopping, which I've finally embraced as a positive self-care practice and not the aisles of hell. Take that, ED brain. 

- K

Kayley ReedComment