On Coming to Terms with Vulnerability

With Bon Iver in the background, I spent 6 hours writing it all out.

The Move. 
Letting Go. 
Moving Again. 
Moving On. 

I've gotten much better at being vulnerable with myself. It used to be something I was incredibly uncomfortable with.

Vulnerability was a pill I swallowed in the arms of another. 
And now, it's the eyes I look into every morning out of the shower. 

No make-up, no cover. There's beauty in seeing yourself for who you really are, and finally coming to a point where you want others to see you, too.

Whether in photographs,
or writing,
or in the way you tell jokes
in the car. 

It's the lump in your throat when you meet someone for the first time, 
and the way your stomach turns when you're excited that something might finally be right. 

Coming to terms with raw emotions doesn't come easy. But nothing good ever does. 

- K

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