Self-Care Sunday at the UnCo Showroom

I walked into the showroom, white walls lined with flowers that typically only exist in curated photos on Instagram. The mood was set, the sun spilled over brunch like a happy accident. A tea bar lived in the corner, and rose gold balloons pulled it all together. 

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This past Sunday, I was reminded of the importance of community, and creating safe spaces to be vulnerable. UnCo did just that. Their team curated a pop-up space straight out of Pinterest, which lived for 2 weeks as a showroom for styling sessions, and a gathering spot for events like mine. 

Twenty women - many strangers, some internet friends - filled the space. There's some magic in when women come together.

Sisterhood is self-care.

After everyone settled in, and the ice was broken, we began. Andreya Klobucar was my guest for the first ever live podcast taping of Self-Care Sunday. At only 19, she's a powerhouse feminist who isn't afraid to embrace femininity and take down the patriarchy with a kiss. She's the founding Editor-in-Chief at Mimp Magazine and we discussed her creative inspirations, self-acceptance in the age of social media, and how she practices self-care. 


We got vulnerable. 

One of my favourite moments from the conversation was diving into our insecurities online and in our work: never quite feeling "enough". Always comparing to our friend's projects, feeling that hint of envy and competitive edge, despite also loving and wanting to support them. 

Being a woman is hard. 

We pit ourselves against each other before even meeting. We look to their highlight reel as we live behind the scenes. But there's some magic in gathering women. In letting our guards down, and letting each other in, as we did this past weekend. I'm grateful for moments like these, and the women I get to spend them with.

It's true, that sisterhood is self-care. 



Big thank you to UnCo for hosting us this weekend, and just being all-around amazing, always, in their support for female designers, entrepreneurs, and their community. 

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