7 Fave Podcasts on Strategy + Inspiration (for Influencers, Freelancers, and Entrepreneurs)

I'm podcast obsessed. On a good day, I'll listen to 4 hours of podcasts. And when I'm not listening to podcasts, I'm hosting my own. I swapped out my regular music-in-the-background for podcasts for a couple reasons: 

1) They're informative and educational. I learn so much strategy and often take away actionable steps that I can implement in my own business and for clients. 

2) They're inspiring. Working from home can at times be monotonous, and every freelancer/entrepreneur has those days when you just need a little boost of motivation. 

So after consuming hours and hours (and days?) of podcasts - everything from a series about the effects of the porn industry (highly recommend), to weird internet stories (also recommend) - I've compiled a list of my favourite podcasts for strategy and inspiration when it comes to digital marketing, influencer marketing, being a female entrepreneur, and creative business. 

Note: All of the podcasts on this list are created by women, and primarily have female guests on their shows. I know there are eons of business podcasts by men, but I very consciously like to listen to and support female-created media. 

1. Girlboss Radio

The gist: Sophia Amoruso interviews high-profile girlbosses - like celebrities and CEOs - to talk how they got their start through candid conversations.

Why I love it: Girlboss Radio was the first podcast I *really* got into - and then I was hooked. The behind-the-scenes look into each interviewee's entrepreneurial journey is really fascinating, since most of the guests are household names or women you'd recognize. 

Favourite episodes: Brit Morin (Brit + Co), Gwyneth Paltrow, Jen Atkin (Celebrity Hair Stylist and Founder of OUAI)


2. The Influencer Podcast

The gist: Julie Soloman interviews top influencers, bloggers, and industry experts on business & marketing strategies. 

Why I love it: The influencer world is constantly changing and evolving, and each interview adds timely insight to what's happening on Instagram, Youtube, and with the "algorithm" TODAY. Plus, inspiring stories that will make you want to quit your day job.

Favourite episodes: Jennifer Puno (PeopleMap), Lauryn Evarts (The Skinny Confidential), Dawn McCoy (from Barbara Streisand's Assistant to Influencer) 


3. Goal Digger Podcast

The gist: Jenna Kutcher gets real about everything from marketing strategies to her own miscarriage.

Why I love it: Actionable advice that sounds like it's coming from a gal you've known for ages. Jenna is honest, vulnerable, funny, and relatable. I walk away from almost every episode with action steps and tangible things on my to-do list. (She also shares snippets of her real life along the way, which makes me love her more). 

Favourite episodes: Every solo episode


4. The Strategy Hour

The gist: Abagail and Emylee (from Think Creative Collective) break down sales + marketing strategies with their guests.

Why I love it: They're not afraid to lay it all out on the table. They share numbers, resources, and exact steps from A to B. They're also consistent as hell and post multiple episodes a week, which I love because I am constantly looking for more solid content to listen to. (Side note - they do self-promo their own courses a lot, but it's their show, so whatever). 

Favourite episodes: Our $15k Mistake, How to Fire Bad Clients, How to Give Give Give without Giving It All Away


5. Dais Podcast

The gist: Rachel Hollis hosts inspiring and thoughtful conversations around business and life. 

Why I love it: Rachel Hollis is everything I wish to be (a best-selling author, massive influencer and CEO). Episodes go beyond business talk, and always leave me feeling both inspired and grateful. 

Favourite episodes: How to Get a Line at TargetGet Your Book Published with Kevan Lyon, How to FINALLY Start Your Own Business (from Almost Nothing)


6. Magic Lessons

The gist: Elizabeth Gilbert helps newbie artists and writers break through creative barriers, then brings on her famous friends to also give advice. 

Why I love it: Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Big Magic and Eat, Pray, Love) is the most loving and wise voice to host a podcast. I can't believe I didn't find this sooner. It's basically a creative therapy session that leaves me mentally rejuvenated after every episode. 

Favourite episodes: Brene BrownWho Gets To Decide Whether You're A Legitimate Artist?


7. Self-Care Sunday

The gist: Kayley Reed (me!) explores the relationship between mental health, entrepreneurship, social media and self-care through interviews and personal reflections. 

Why I love it: Shameless self-promo, but hosting this podcast has been my own self-care. I interview women who inspire me - from influencers to entrepreneurs - not only about their business success, but how they maintain balance and self-care through the hustle & bustle. 

Favourite episodes: Getting Out of a Rut, Allie Beckwith (Influencer/Artist/Photographer), From Gossip Girl to ED Therapist

I hope this list gives you some inspiration - I'd love to hear your thoughts, favourite episodes, and any other podcast recommendations you have on similar topics!

- K

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