On Starting a Podcast

2018: The Year of Podcasts

There's something truly human about podcasts as a medium. They're a little bit more intimate than blog posts, and a little bit more focused than videos. I started on a podcast binge last year and became hooked on audio as a channel. 

I have a certain criteria when it comes to podcasts.

They must: 
- be hosted by women
- focus on feminism, business, and/or self-care
- only interview women

which I learned pretty quickly, narrows down your options. A lot. 

My favourites are: 
- Girlboss Radio by Sophia Amoruso (a great intro to the podcast world, with lots of familiar names as guests) 
- Feminist Current (which has had some men on the podcast, who are industry experts on the relative topics) 
- hey, girl. by Alex Elle (Alex is a woman of colour, with guests from diverse backgrounds) 
- That's So Retrograde (I haven't listened to every episode, and they do have some male guests, but this one is a little lighter than the others and a good pick-me-up) 

Why so picky?

Because we need more female-created and centered media. And one way to see that actualized is to encourage, support, and engage with content by female creators. Women make up 50% of the population and yet, nearly every depiction of women in the media (for basically all of history) has a man crafting her image. 

The Global Report on the Status of Women in the News Media surveyed more than 500 media companies in almost 60 countries, and found that men occupied 73 percent of the top management jobs.

Why does this matter?

Because the content we consume informs our reality. It shapes the way we perceive women, it standardizes stereotypes and behaviours, and (when run by men) it ultimately reinforces a lot of patriarchal ideals we (feminists) have been trying to challenge for decades.  

Ok, but what more can be done?

This is what I ask myself. 


Out of frustration. Out of sadness. Out of hopelessness that things will never, truly get better for women. That feminism will simply continue to be rebranded as "empowering" by men, while they continue to hold the majority of power in nearly every industry and government in the world. (Also, Donald Trump is still president.)

So, I started a passion project. 

The Self-Care Sunday podcast.

Female-created, and female-centered, focused on redefining self-care (because, for me, creating this podcast has been just that). 

From sharing personal struggles, to discussing sisterhood and creativity with female entrepreneurs, influencers, and advocates - Self-Care Sunday exists as an authentic inquiry into what it means to take care of yourself as a woman in the digital age.

I have no real plans for this, other than to put it out into the universe. And just create, for the sake of creation. I'm so grateful to all the women who have already been a part, and am really looking forward to sharing each episode with you all. 

The intro episode is available now (but technically launches tomorrow, with each new episode releasing on Sundays). You can subscribe here: selfcaresunday.co

Or on iTunes here

If you love it, or feel like you can relate, please please leave a rating or review on iTunes. And if you have any other favourite female-led podcasts, leave them in the comments! I'd love to listen :) 


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