On Committing to Creativity

Through running a company, I learned that I didn't want to be a CEO.  

I'd put on a hat, for three years, that someone told me I should wear. I'd managed suppliers, and people, and finances. I said "no" to fun things, because there was no ROI. I'd put creativity on a shelf, that I could only take down for special occasions (like team brainstorming sessions, and even then, was told to let the designers lead the way.)

And now, committing to creativity is one of my intentions for 2018. For every day moving forward. Big, or small. 

Most days, it's something small. 

Like painting my nails. 

And writing blog posts like this. 

But you gotta start somewhere.

shout out to Chillhouse for the inspo ~

shout out to Chillhouse for the inspo ~

Art is intimidating. Most artists never call themselves such. 

Here's to creating anyways. 


PS. You can subscribe to my *real* creative project of the year here: selfcaresunday.co

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