Self-Care Sunday with Neutrogena

This post was created in partnership with Neutrogena. All opinions are my own :) 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with acne. It’s honestly been a solid 10 years - since I was a teenager - that I’ve felt uncomfortable with my skin. Like most people with hormonal acne, I’ve tried just about everything - from creams and oils, to drinking more water, taking medication, and even using toothpaste on pimples (don’t ask). 

For a while, I only felt comfortable leaving the house with heavy coverage foundation & a full face of make-up. Since finding the body positive community, recovering from my eating disorder, and fully learning to embrace self-love, I’ve slowly become more confident in my skin - flaws and all. 

“Self-acceptance sets you free to enjoy life, in a way that you can’t when you’re busy hating every little thing about yourself.” 

I’ve started wearing less make-up (Nudestix is my go-to for everything) and will even leave the house without ANY make-up on some times. But I have my days - and I know I’m not the only one who feels self-conscious about acne that never seems to go away, no matter what you do. So this #selfcaresunday, I partnered with Neutrogena to test out their new Light Therapy Acne Mask for reducing acne.

How it Works

The Light Therapy Acne Mask comes with an Activator (aka a battery) that you plug into. Put the mask on, then push the Power button on the Activator and the light will turn on for 10 minutes. It automatically turns off when your session is done. The Activator works for 30 sessions, and then you can recycle it & purchase a new one. (There's a counter on the Activator to tell you how many sessions you have left.)  


Yes - the mask looks like it's out of Tron. I think I scared Rose when I first put it on haha. Getting over the initial funny/weirdness, when the light turns on it is intense. As in, you're literally looking through rose-coloured glasses and your vision gets a little wonky after a while. I thought I could read a book with it on, but nope, the colours made everything a little harder to do, so it kind of forced me to sit and chill for ten minutes. Hello, meditation time?

I also took some time after to customize with emoji stickers & letters, because, why not? This became an afternoon affair of acne therapy & DIY sticker-ing. Highly recommend. 

Final thoughts

(First of all, can we just acknowledge that I would have NEVER posted a photo of my acne a couple years ago, and I am so proud of the leeeaps I've made in my self-confidence!)

Clear skin is not a pre-requisite for self-love. I know there are times in the body positive/ED recovery community, where make-up and beauty products are the "enemy". It's important to think critically about beauty standards, and the role that capitalism plays in self-care. But I also think that women end up kicking ourselves, or feeling "guilty" for wanting to use beauty products in our self-care routines because it's "anti-feminist" or "not body positive".

But we can have both - we can think critically about the industry, understand the unrealistic standards society places on women, and enjoy having a skincare routine as part of our self-care. Personally, making time to take care of my skin, mind, and body - whether with products, nutrition, drinking water, or getting enough sleep - is generally what makes up my #selfcaresundays. But self-care looks different to everyone - and that's okay! There's no one right way to "treat yourself". You do you, girl. 

- K

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