Moving... Again

When I moved to Montreal, I needed a new chapter.

After spending 6 years living in a place I never anticipated ending up (New Brunswick), I knew that I'd gotten too used to routine. I'd settled into a life that I didn't plan for or expect. Co-founding a start-up straight out of university was never my master plan, but life unfolds as it's meant to. 

In 2017, the decision to leave my start-up was one that had brewed for a while. Montreal has always been my favourite city in Canada and feeling like I needed to get out of small town New Brunswick and on with a new adventure triggered an impulsive move to this place that, is still by all measures, one of my favourite cities. 


A couple months into the move, I felt lost (as I think most who make a big move, do). I'd ended a relationship, changed careers, left behind best friends, and found myself wondering why I was in this city that had nothing for me other than a great apartment view, and newfound independence. After visiting my family in Alberta over Christmas break (and subsequently staying an unplanned 3 months because I missed them so much) I realized that I wanted to move back. 

Me - Kayley - the girl who flew across the country to get away from rural Alberta. The small town girl with big city dreams that had planned to do grad school in New York City studying fashion. This girl was homesick for wide open spaces and endless prairies. So, I decided that my next move would be home. 

Calgary is calling.


I've been freelancing full-time since January, and can luckily pick up and go whenever and wherever I want. So, in September I'll be moving back to Alberta. I'm moving into a cute little house with my younger sister (eep! We haven't lived together in SEVEN YEARS!). I'm excited for decorating a new place, being closer to family,  and being in the same city as one of my best friends. 

I'm thinking of applying to Masters programs for 2019, but I'm also keen to focus on writing, work, saving $$$ and travelling to places I've put off knowing I have the best home base to go back to. For the first time in a while, I don't have a solid plan with what I want to do, and where I want to go, but I'm re-crafting that vision piece by piece. What I do know is that no amount of work success really compares to the feeling of being home with people you love. 

Counting down the days,


Kayley Reed1 Comment