Montreal, it's real. I'm here.

Two weeks of apartment hunting , five viewings, and 1 move-in later. Montreal, it's real. I'm here!

Everything happened very quickly.

While I'd been itching to move for a year or so, actually doing it seemed to happen in a blur. And now, less than a month since really considering taking the plunge, I'm settling into a new city, new lifestyle, and new group of friends.

It's exciting.

It's overwhelming. 

It feels right. 

So, why the move?

Funnily enough, I didn't get this question as often as I had prepared myself for. Most people responded with "Oh yeah, Montreal makes complete sense for you." And that pretty much sums it up. But for those who want a deeper dive, keep reading. 

The truth is, I just needed a change. Six years in one place is a lot, especially when there's nothing particularly tying you to that place. I didn't grow up in New Brunswick, I don't have family there, or a job tying me to physically be there. The people make the place, and that's why I stayed. 

But then it got to the point where I felt like I was holding myself back - and resentment started to creep in. I was a big fish, in a small pond, with not much room to grow. Yet I was staying, because I felt like I owed this place something. I owed the people who supported me. I owed the organizations that supported Wear Your Label. I owed the east coast for being my home.

It's not practical to live your life for other people. 

Talk about mental health. 


A big part of me wanted to really document the move, the process, the new chapter. I'm used to sharing my life on social media, but decided against an over-share. Some things are better left as intimate memories sans "content creation". 

Two weeks in and I'm settling, but I don't feel settled. I'm working on new projects, with new people, and I'm more motivated and carefree than I have been in a long time. I'm so looking forward to what the city will bring, and what I'll give to it.

It's amazing what a change in environment will do for your mental health. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. For me, a total shift was exactly what I needed. Breathing in new air to reignite a spark. 

More updates coming soon. 


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