Montreal Apartment Tour

This is overdue, but better late than never?

This month I'm making the cross-country move from back to my home province of Alberta. I spent a year living in Montreal, and LOVE the city (I will miss it, the food, the streets around Old Port, new friends, the views...) but I also have been missing home. I was in a rut after leaving my startup (which I had spent 3 years of my life dedicated to), and needed a major change of pace. Montreal was exactly that: a mini adventure, and 'gap year' of sorts before picking up all those fallen pieces and putting a new puzzle together. 

I'd moved really quickly to Montreal - within a month of deciding to move, I had packed up my life and my cat, and found an apartment the same weekend that I moved in. I snagged a modern, newly reno'd, spacious studio downtown on the 12th floor. The thing that really sold me were b i g windows that flooded the apartment with natural light (and the unobstructed 12th floor view). 

On Moving Day...

Beyond a great blank slate, the building has a gorgeous rooftop terrace with the same amazing view. Many days have been spent tanning here, and many nights getting wine drunk. 


It took me a while to settle in to my place in Montreal - probably because I never really felt like it was 'home'. Slowly but surely it came together (thanks to Leesa, Wayfair, and IKEA). And now, I really am going to miss this spot! 

After Moving In...

If you or someone you know is looking to rent a spot downtown, this space will be available Oct. 1 :) includes: pool, rooftop terrace, doorman, gym, laundry room, and all utilities in rent. Perfectly located downtown. Feel free to email for more details. 

Calgary house tour coming this fall! 



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