Minimalist Home Office Wall Collage

At the beginning of 2018, I committed to some lifestyle choices around work which included deciding to work 100% from home, for mental health reasons. The past few years I've done a bit of work at home (how can you not as an entrepreneur), but it's a struggle to stay motivated in the same space that you live, chill, and sleep. 

I've always loved making photo collages and vision boards. There's something about the process that sparks so much creativity and inspiration for me. And usually, when I'm in a creative slump, this is my go-to. 

I've just moved back to my studio apartment in Montreal, and within a couple of day realized I needed a little something to spruce up the blank white walls around my desk. I usually reach for magazines to cut up, but this old calendar was calling my name instead.


The monthly prints in the 2017 calendar were so cute, and great #girlboss inspiration for a mini wall collage.

A couple stickers and confetti mirrors later...

I wanted to leave some white space on the wall for a more minimalist look, and to keep my work corner bright.

What I love about a simple wall collage, is when you get sick of the prints or general aesthetic, you can just tear them down and stick something else up there. I used double sided adhesive tape, but looping Scotch tape works just as well. 

PS. The rose gold confetti dots are from Umbra

- K

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