Apartment Kitchen Haul (<$100)

One month into moving, and I'm slowly accumulating all of my apartment furnishings to call this place home. There's been a million little things that I didn't think of immediately, but realized after settling in that I actually need to get. Like, I lived for three weeks with 1 bowl, 1 fork, 1 spoon, and 2 cups... I'm a minimalist, but also an adult, and should probably have some real dish ware ;) 

So, like any reasonable princess, I wanted to find *the cutest* things without paying a ton of $$$ for them. Here's a round up of some of my favourite finds & where to get them: 

1. Mineral Dessert Plates (x4) 

I fell in love with these dinner plates from Anthropologie, and waited for a 25% off promo day to snag them. The colour? Perfect. What I love even more is that each one has a slightly different pattern, making them all a bit unique and less cookie cutter. 

Price: $16/each regular, $12/each on sale

Where to buy: Anthropologie

2. Kitchen Utensils

Will I ever use this whisk? Idk. But it was $5.99 and cute.

Will I ever use this whisk? Idk. But it was $5.99 and cute.

a) Rose gold whisk from Winners (can I ever have enough rose gold in my life???)
b) 12-Piece Wonky Grid Flatware Set from Urban Outfitters (bless)

Price: $5.99 / $29

Where to buy: Winners / Urban Outfitters

3. Latte Bowl (x4)

I like smaller bowls that you can hold and eat out of while curled up on the couch :) so these were the perfect fit. They come in a few different colours, but I wanted to keep things crisp and simple. 

Price: $6/each regular, $4.50/each on sale

Where to buy: Anthropologie

4. Granada Juice Glass (x4)

Granada Juice Glass

These little glasses from Anthropologie have so much character. I love that the design is based on traditional Spanish tilework. They come in a number of colours (I debated getting one of each) but I settled on the basic clear ones. 

Price: $10/each regular, $7.50/each on sale

Where to buy: Anthropologie

5. Magisso Ceramics Serveware 

These black cooling ceramic pieces are not only modern and stylish, but actually really practical. Aside from holding utensils or the random flower , they're perfect for serving: the Mini Carafe is great for coffee milk; the middle Chalkboard Cooler keeps bottles of champagne chilled, and the tall Carafe is my favourite for keeping water at the perfect temperature throughout the day. Run the ceramic pieces under cold water for 60 seconds, and it will stay cool for hours! Honestly such a great set. 

Price: $38 for the mini, $75 for the cooler, $69 for the carafe

Where to buy: Home Depot and Bloomingdale's

6. Sugar Bowl and Creamer

Thrifting finds are the best, am I right?? I found this set dating back to the 1800's... So you can officially call me a hipster now.

Price: $2.50/each 

Where to buy: Habitat for Humanity (ReStore Saint John)

7. Other Faves


These are the perfect pieces to whip out when you wanna feel ~fancy~. Which, for me, is surprisingly (or not surprisingly) very often. I mean, those pineapple tumblers!! I whip those out at every opportunity. Fun fact: the tumblers were a set of 4 in-store, and 2 had broke... So i got them for $5 each! Always check the discounted section ;) 

Price: $90 for the ice bucket, $25 for the marble board, $19 for the tumblers

Where to buy: Bloomingdale's, HomeSense, and Bed Bath and Beyond

8. Housewarming Gifts


Okay, the marble coasters are the only thing I bought here - but I had to include because I couldn't get over how sweet this housewarming gift was! My friend Kate brought coffee beans and a lil' succulent from Vermont when she came to visit! It kind of pulls everything together with a homey touch. As for the coasters, I think I got them at HomeSense for like $10. (They have super similar square coasters at Chapters/Indigo but 2x the price - I always find look-a-likes at HomeSense way cheaper!).

Alright - that's it for this round!

I'm still completing the actual furnishings of my apartment... so once everything is decorated and looking cute, I'll be posting more. <3 

I'm curious, what are your go-to places for home items? Furniture, quirky decor? Let me know in the comments! 

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