This weekend, I attended the KINDNESS Launch for Dee Silkie's new product line: KINDNESS Boxers. Dee is a Fredericton-based surface designer who specializes in working with silk and silk blends (which lends to the name of her brand, Dee Silkie). She also happens to be one of the most passionate, creative, and ambitious people I know. Dee came to me a few months ago with the idea to turn her hand-dyed silk into a wearable product line, and we've been working together to make that idea a reality.

On Friday, Dee released her KINDNESS Boxers, which read "Instead Be Kind" on the waistband. They're the perfect reminder to inspire you to practice kindness - to yourself, and to others - everyday. 

"Instead Be Kind" Boxers from

"Instead Be Kind" Boxers from

To launch the new collection, Dee hosted a KINDNESS Slumber Party at the Delta. She invited a few bloggers & influencers to get together for a night of kindness, empowering each other, and spreading that kindness beyond ourselves. It was the opposite of every stereotypical, gossip-filled sleepover you see girls having in movies; it was inspiring, uplifting, and supportive. Plus, the Delta completely spoiled us with chocolate-covered strawberries, champagne, and breakfast the next morning!

We started with a KINDNESS Panel on Facebook Live, where Dee shared the inspiration behind the boxers, followed by interviews with each girl there. Then, we did a KINDNESS blast - spending an hour sharing positivity online by writing kind reviews to local businesses we love, and lifting up women-led businesses. The night wrapped with some personal letter-writing, and then some toasts & cheers to Dee for bringing us together and inspiring us all to be kind. 

It's rare to find women supporting other women in a completely genuine, authentic way. There was zero competition, zero jealousy - only love, collaboration, and kindness. We need more of that. 

You can follow Dee at @deesilkie and order your own pair of "Instead, Be Kind" Boxers for $25 here


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