J'adore Montreal

Going into 2018, I'm committing to creativity. Creating consciously. Writing more freely. Podcasting. Photographing. Even if it just means documenting the little moments. Here's one of them. 

"J'adore Montreal. J'adore Montreal, je te dis." This woman in her fifties was practically yelling of excitement as she skipped across the street in her fur coat.

I laughed. It was -12. She was not from here.

"Why are you laughing?" she said in a thick accent. 
"Because I love it, too."

I was late for an appointment. I kept walking.

"Where are you from?" I asked.
"Spain!" She glowed. This snowy downtown day was her bliss.


"This is my son, he goes to McGill," she grabbed him by the arm as she was on her way into Holt Rentfrew.

She was drunk on the new city. He was embarrassed as hell.

"Do you want to go for a drink with him?" I was already feet away, but I smiled. I was late.

"That's enough mom," he half grumbled while pulling her into the store.

I chuckled "bye", and kept walking. I couldn't shake the smile from my face. My flight home was scheduled for a couple days later, and I had been so ready to leave. But her excitement reminded me of how magical the city could be. Sometimes you just need to see a place through fresh eyes. 

J'adore Montreal aussi. 

- K

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