I'm Moving!!!

Six years ago, I moved to New Brunswick from Alberta for university. I was torn between UBC (Vancouver) and Renaissance College (Fredericton) - something was pulling me from the prairies to the coasts, and my gut told me to go with Fredericton. I'd never been to New Brunswick before, but I remember looking at university brochures and being enthralled with how gorgeous the old architecture of UNB was. I applied to stay in res - which looked straight out of Hogwarts - and packed up my life for what I thought would be a 3 year university adventure. 

I stayed. 

My family flew to the east coast with me, exploring the Maritimes and finally settling in Fredericton to help me unpack in my new home. Driving into campus for the first time was like out of a movie; the old buildings, massive trees, leaves changing colour for fall, and vines climbing stone walls were straight out of the brochure. The next three years were some of the best in my life.

And then I stayed. In 2014, I graduated from UNB and started Wear Your Label. I was accepted into a startup accelerator in Fredericton, and my entrepreneurial journey began. What I thought would be an awesome summer experience, grew into a full fledged business, and there was no turning back.  


What most people don't know, is that at the same time, I had been accepted to do a Masters in Fashion Studies at Parsons New School of Design in New York. It was my dream program, dream school, and dream city - but the timing wasn't right. I knew that if I put off Wear Your Label,  I might never be able to go back to it. So even though, at the time, we had no money, no product, and no sales, I decided to stick around to see what might become of it. I turned down New York for Fredericton, and most people thought I was crazy (I kind of was). 

Fast forward 3 years 

I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't made that decision to stay. The past three years have been a roller coaster, but I've learned A LOT and grown into a completely different person who I'm incredibly proud to be. I've fulfilled some wild dreams, like showing at New York Fashion Week, speaking at We Day, having my own commercial on MTV (!!!) and travelling across North America, from Cape Breton to LA. Through it all, Fredericton has been a slow paced home base that's always cozy to come back to. The Alberta girl has become an honorary Maritimer, and a piece of my heart will always live here. But it's time.


Time for a change 

You know when you put something out into the universe, and it delivers? I've been thinking about moving for a while, but finally set my sights on Montreal and gave myself a timeline (no excuses!). As soon as I made the decision, everything started to fall into place (like, really quickly).  

So I'm off for October 1.  Moving by myself (plus Rose!) to a new city is going to be an adventure, and boy am I ready!! I'll have lots more updates to share with you guys in the coming weeks... But for now, this is it!

It's been a slice Fredericton... See you soon Montreal. 



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