Kayley x Foxbrook Lipstick

Introducing the "Kayley" shade by Foxbrook Lipstick 

I love supporting other women entrepreneurs and female-led businesses, so when Catherine (the creator of Foxbrook Lipstick) approached me to partner, of course I said yesFoxbrook Lipstick is a Canadian-made, cruelty free company founded in 2016. What I love about this brand is that all of their lipsticks are modelled by, and designed for, real women. Each shade is named after these women - and I'm so excited to be one of them :) 


I wanted to design a lipstick shade that perfectly resembles my minimal style, because I actually rarely wear lipstick. When I do, all I wear is nudes, which is why I chose this rosy nude as the Kayley shade. Besides the colour, my favourite thing about this lipstick is that is smells amazing

You can shop the "Kayley" at fblipstick.com

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