Everyone + Their Dog Has a Blog

Literally everyone and their dog has a blog. I think that's why for a long time, I rolled my own eyes at the idea of starting one. Because let's be real: nobody cares #whatiwore. If you do, I'm gonna stop you right now and redirect you to my gals Julia, Kershia & Sarah for already killin' it in that game (and having way better style on the daily than I ever could). 

So what am I doin'?

A year ago, I opened up for the first time about my mental illness. I (somehow) graduated with a 4.0 GPA from my first degree. I turned down a second degree at my dream school in New York. I co-founded a clothing line to get people talking about mental health. And I began sharing my own story publicly. 

This spring was a whirlwind. From The Today Show, to Buzzfeed, Wear Your Label sort of exploded into the international press scene (after months of hard work to get there). Life has not been the same since. 

Breaking into the fashion industry has been a journey. So when the nerd in me craved an outlet to write and reflect on these experiences, my mind said "fashion blog" but I hesitated. Don't get me wrong, I love fashion, but there's something about a daily #ootd that isn't for me (probably because I wear a slight variation of the exact same outfit every single day)

But with every new door that opens (or closes), I've learned something. Whether it's building a brand out of a personal hardship, to filling hundreds of back-orders after a press overload, to planning a runway show for New York Fashion Week... I'm taking this opportunity to own my story. 

So, this is that narrative. A bit of everything in fashion, and mental health. A small peak into this whirlwind I've been experiencing, and what I've learned. 

But mostly, unapologetically, me. 

- K

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