Happiest When Creating

This year, I became close with one of the most creative people I know: Dee Wilkie.

We started working together in early 2016, after Dee and Lance approached me with a pretty amazing idea: to create a conceptual photo series that would depict how it feels to live with mental illness. That initial conversation turned into a full-fledged mental health campaign, casting Role Models from Toronto to Halifax to share their stories, and turning a photo-series idea into a powerful documentary. If you haven't already, you can check out the end-result of our collaboration at: The Define Project

Fast forward a couple months and I've realized that Dee is very much like me: happiest when creating. Every time we hang out, she has a new idea, product line, or plan, to channel all of her creative energy into something amazing. And despite whatever challenges are thrown her way, she's literally got enough passion to set the world on fire and walk out stronger. 

I'm so happy to call Dee a collaborator, and close friend. Her new website and product line are launching today at Maybee Brewery. To celebrate, here's a few of my favorite images from our most recent photo shoot this summer. 

Photography: Kelsey Schroeder
Silk & Creative Direction: Dee Wilkie
Model: Yours Truly

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