The New Cruelty-Free Skincare Brand I'm Obsessed With

I've met some of the coolest people in my life through social media. 

A couple months ago, I connected with the ultimate girlboss and LA-based photographer, Courtney Dailey. During our first call, I tried not to fangirl over the fact that Kim Kardashian West is one of her clients (KKW Beauty to be exact).

With 15 years experience in the beauty industry, Courtney shared her vision for a new brand that would fill in the gaps she experienced on set as a make-up artist turned photographer. She'd spent a year developing Coco Ensoleille, a modern, small-batch skincare brand for the everyday woman who puts herself first. We bonded over our love of cats, and I started working with Courtney shortly after. 

Orange Blossom Balme, Face Magnifique and Makeup Assassin from Coco Ensoleille 

If I were to conjure up a beauty brand of my own, it would be Coco Ensoleille. 

Seriously, when I heard the name, I was hooked. When I tried the products for the first time, I fell in love even more. But I think what really solidifies my excitement for this brand is that it's cruelty-free. 

Orange Blossom Balme from Coco Ensoleille 

I never paid much attention to animal-testing on skincare products in the past. Probably because I was simply ignorant of how many brands actually still test their products on animals. I thought this was a thing of the past, you know? Unfortunately, almost every major brand on the global market tests on animals (including these 30 names you probably love). If their products are sold in China, animal testing is required by law prior to entering the market. 

If you're a vegetarian, vegan, pet owner or animal lover in general, I highly suggest you look into the brands you use on a daily basis. There are alternatives that are just as good (or better) that don't harm any fluffy beings in the process (Nudestix is another great female-founded, cruelty-free make-up brand!)


My new skincare essentials: 

I have oily and acne-prone skin, so I never get my hopes up too much with new products. They're generally too harsh or simply not effective for me. But I was happily surprised when I tried the new Coco E. cleansing balms (my favourite products out of the line). 

Orange Blossom Balme

Orange Blossom Balme is by far a new essential in my daily routine. Set aside how obsessed with the smell I am, it's the perfect consistency, and gentle enough to use morning and night. It leaves my skin feeling dewy, soft, and refreshed. 


Makeup Assassin is a cleanser and makeup remover that melts away even stubborn layers of foundation and eye makeup without the harsh sting. I love using this in combination with the Orange Blossom Balme right before bed. 

As for the other products in the collection, I'm still testing them out, but can say right now that I love using Face Magnifique in Creme Brulee as a glowy bronzer (the perfect color and consistency for my olive skin tone). If you want to order anything from Coco Ensoleille, they ship within the USA & Canada, and you can use the code "Kayley" for 10% off your order at <3

What are your favourite cruelty-free brands? Is there a go-to product you're obsessed with? Leave a link in the comments below! 


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