I Wore the Same Clothes for 30 Days

For the entire month of May, I committed myself to a 12 piece capsule wardrobe. 

A few weeks earlier, my friend Kim had reached out with the concept of her new startup, UnCoa curated capsule wardrobe experience for the girl boss on the go. I wrote a post about capsule wardrobes & why I'm downsizing at the beginning of May, and dedicated the subsequent 30 days to wearing the same 12 pieces of clothing. 

The Capsule Wardrobe

UnCo did a surprisingly good job at curating 12 pieces that fit my lifestyle and aesthetic. A plus: they work exclusively with independent designers in Canada & the US. High quality + locally made + sustainably sourced = a minimalist's dream. The pieces included: 

  1. Shauna Top (Bamboo T-Shirt) - CassBurr Designs 
  2. Shirt 1.5 in White - Study NY 
  3. V Neck Cami (Black) - KAZZ
  4. Black Mel Top - Zafira
  5. Sphinx Dress (Bamboo) - Duffield Design
  6. Maris Dress (Bamboo) - CassBurr Design
  7. Jessie Sweatshirt - Hutchison
  8. Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) - Yoga Jeans
  9. Asym Vest (Olive) - KAZZ 
  10. Liza Side-Tie Skirt - Bellantoni 
  11. PALCO Pant - Odeyalo
  12. Oversized Blazer - CassBurr Designs

Week 1

Jessie Sweatshirt -  Hutchison  / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) -  Yoga Jeans

Jessie Sweatshirt - Hutchison / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) - Yoga Jeans

This is the first outfit from my capsule wardrobe that I wore - and it's probably my favourite. I love minimal + simple (and pink) so this became a go-to outfit for everyday. This sweater is easily my favourite item of the 12 pieces, and is soooooo cozy. 

Shirt 1.5 in White -  Study NY  / Oversized Blazer -  CassBurr Designs  / PALCO Pant -  Odeyalo

Shirt 1.5 in White - Study NY / Oversized Blazer - CassBurr Designs / PALCO Pant - Odeyalo

Day 2 I went for a dressier look. Being my own boss, and not working in a typical office environment, I rarely wear blouses like this. So this look was slightly out of my comfort zone - but I dressed it up with some mustard yellow heels from Forever 21 to make it a bit more "me". These pants are my second favourite piece from the capsule wardrobe; they're dressy, but as comfortable as sweatpants. Once, on a travel day to Toronto, I wore these pants for 24 hours - on the plane, in meetings, and then in bed because I forgot my pajama pants (and they're THAT comfy). 

Later that week, I wore this dress by Duffield Design - again, in my favourite shade of pink. Made of bamboo, it was comfy enough to wear all day in the office, and then out for a lil' date night. 

Shauna Top (Bamboo T-Shirt) -  CassBurr Designs  / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) -  Yoga Jeans

Shauna Top (Bamboo T-Shirt) - CassBurr Designs / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) - Yoga Jeans

#SelfCareSunday attire consisted of the Shauna Top + yoga jeans. Again, so simple, and so comfy. 

Week 2

This layered outfit with my Hutchison sweater and this CassBurr bamboo dress, is one of my favourite combos from the capsule collection. I would never think to wear these 2 pieces together, but I actually reaaally like how cute and easy it was to pull together. Added a Wear Your Label hat to complete the look. 

Black Mel Top -  Zafira  / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) -  Yoga Jeans

Black Mel Top - Zafira / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) - Yoga Jeans

Black on black for week-day meetings. At first, I didn't think I could pull off this top by Zafira - but it actually made for a pretty minimal, sleek look for office work and meetings. 

Maris Dress (Bamboo) -  CassBurr Design

Maris Dress (Bamboo) - CassBurr Design

I loved wearing this dress during the days for coffee runs, etc. (especially now that it's getting warmer out). But it actually was really comfy for night-time walks and weekend adventuring. I love that it's so versatile! 

Shauna Top (Bamboo T-Shirt) -  CassBurr Designs  / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) -  Yoga Jeans

Shauna Top (Bamboo T-Shirt) - CassBurr Designs / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) - Yoga Jeans

Another #SelfCareSunday in yoga jeans and my Shauna top. Am I predictable yet???

Week 3

Shauna Top (Bamboo T-Shirt) -  CassBurr Designs  / V Neck Cami (Black) -  KAZZ  / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) -  Yoga Jeans

Shauna Top (Bamboo T-Shirt) - CassBurr Designs / V Neck Cami (Black) - KAZZ / Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) - Yoga Jeans

Week 3 was all about experimentation with layering. This outfit was recommended by UnCo in their style guide, and I looove the 90s vibe it creates. 

Maris Dress (Bamboo) -  CassBurr Design  / Asym Vest (Olive) -  KAZZ  

Maris Dress (Bamboo) - CassBurr Design / Asym Vest (Olive) - KAZZ 

For a launch event later that week, I paired the Asym Vest with the Maris Dress, to make it just a touch dressier. I added my own sweater because it was a bit chilly out, and paired with my favourite minimal shoes from Joe Fresh. 

Asym Vest (Olive) -  KAZZ  / Liza Side-Tie Skirt -  Bellantoni  

Asym Vest (Olive) - KAZZ / Liza Side-Tie Skirt - Bellantoni 

I love the colour of the olive vest, but it was slightly too short to wear on its own as a dress. So for a night out, I paired it with a black bandeau and this skirt from Bellantoni underneath. Layered up, it actually worked and looked super cute! 

Week 4

Maris Dress (Bamboo) -  CassBurr Design

Maris Dress (Bamboo) - CassBurr Design

For the final week of my capsule experiment, I got this denim jacket from Joe Fresh and added it to my wardrobe. I know I wasn't supposed to, but I really wanted to add a casual outer layer since my other sweaters were either really cozy or dressier blazers. Mixing the denim jacket in all of a sudden added new life to the 12 pieces I'd been mixing & matching.

Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) -  Yoga Jeans

Skinny Yoga Jeans (Black) - Yoga Jeans

Denim on denim is a thing, right? I would never wear blue denim together, but I love the black denim with this lighter wash. Super chill for a night hanging out with friends. 

Liza Side-Tie Skirt -  Bellantoni  

Liza Side-Tie Skirt - Bellantoni 

On one of the last days of the month, I cheated again and added this simple blouse from Joe Fresh into the mix. This light blue blouse paired with the Liza Side-Tie Skirt were perfect for a hot summer day full of meetings around town. 

PALCO Pant -  Odeyalo

PALCO Pant - Odeyalo

I told you guys, these pants from Odeyalo are so comfy and versatile! From the office, to the lake. This was another #SelfCareSunday outfit that I felt SO comfortable and happy in. 

The Verdict

My capsule wardrobe experience was easier to commit to than expected. The first couple weeks were definitely the easiest, because I was still trying out every new piece. Once I'd worn each piece at least once, I learned what I really loved and what I didn't feel as comfortable in. My lifestyle is always changing (from travelling and on the go, to working out of my home office, to meetings all around town). I definitely prefer a more casual athleisure style, so I leaned more towards the pants/cozy top outfits vs. the dresses and blouses. If I worked at a 9-5 office I'm sure that would be different. All in all, I'd definitely recommend trying a capsule wardrobe - or at least downsizing your current closet. It frees up head space in the morning, and gives you one less thing to stress about.

If you really want to go all-in, and start fresh with a 6, 8 or 12 piece capsule wardrobe experience, I definitely recommend trying UnCo. Their curation process is amazing, and I love all the brands that they work with. Plus, it's great to know that everything you'll be receiving is really high quality, made to last, and made close to home. (You can support their crowdfunding campaign and pre-order here). 

Going forward, I'm going to start incorporating a couple more athleisure pieces into my wardrobe, and a few more layering pieces - but will probably keep my entire wardrobe around 20 pieces. Layering is key to keeping a capsule wardrobe fresh. My one piece of advice is that if you're downsizing, find a few pieces of clothing that you LOVE so much you'd wear it every day - and then build around those pieces. If you're the type of person who loves to shop or always wants to try new things, abide by this rule: for every new piece you buy, you have to donate 1 first. It definitely makes you think twice before spending money on something, and helps keep your wardrobe small and succinct. 

Let me know your thoughts on capsule wardrobes, and if you're thinking of trying it out! 

- K

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