2018 Intentions

Intentions for a new year tend to seem more practical after the NYE hype has cooled down. I've never been great at keeping resolutions, but I've always liked the philosophy behind them. So rather than setting unrealistic goals, I'm setting intentions. No timelines or end posts, just affirmations of who I am, and who I want to be. 


I wrote these on a white snowy evening with Persian tea in hand,
at a cozy coffee shop with twinkling lights and warmth beyond temperature,
across from a creative friend who inspires me and encourages me.

This is how I hope to spend more days this year. 


2018 Intentions

  1. Commit to creativity. In little ways, and big ways. Write more. Photograph daily. Do so outside of social media. Share often, but not always. 
  2. Commit to friendship. To writing in coffee shops, to brunches, and movie nights. To phone calls with friends far away. Love unapologetically. Don't be afraid to show gratitude.
  3. Commit to self-care. Beyond bubble baths (but also, lots of those). Take time off as needed. Do what you need, when you need it. Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter won't mind.  
  4. Commit to minimalism. Invest in meaning. Separate consumerism from self-care. Find things to treasure and cherish, most else doesn't matter. 
  5. Commit to feminism. Read more books. Digest other opinions, and understand why those opinions exist. Speak more openly. 
  6. Commit to meditation. Maybe daily, maybe not. Whenever it's needed, it will be felt. Self-reflect. Stay. Be. 


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