Looking Back on 2017

I didn't want to write this. To be frank, I'm ready for 2018. A lot has happened, and a lot has changed. Much of which, I don't wish to reflect on. But, as I went back through my camera roll, I realized there's a lot of things I do want to remember. Memories with great people, in great places. The highlight reel. So here's my countdown to the new year:

5 Trips

  • Santa Monica

My favourite place in the world. I started playing more with photography, and videography. I spent time with some of my best friends, we travelled, had days at the beach, ate out, and stayed in. Everything was golden. 

  • Vancouver

I partnered with Joe Fresh to host (the second!) Blogger's Brunch event with Yasaman, to share her story as a beauty influencer & the importance of vulnerability online.  I also hosted a really intimate and special event at Moment Meditation. My experience there hooked me on meditation, which has become a big part of my self-care this year. 

  • Toronto


In May, I partnered with Joe Fresh (again!) for the biggest Blogger's Brunch event of the year, with my gal Kenzie. We talked mental health, body positivity, and authenticity on social media. 50+ bloggers and content creators gathered. I felt the love from the Instagram community. I realized how important it is to connect IRL and share our stories. 


In November, I came back to speak at two events focused on women & self-care. Both reminded me the importance of safe spaces for women to come together without judgement.

  • Montreal

Allie and I hosted the first ever Blogger's Retreat in June. A weekend of content creation, workshops, and (of course) brunch with new friends. 

  • Home / Montana

Every summer, I try to head home. Spend time with family, and go to the cabin in Montana. This year was perfect weather, museum adventures, lots of ice cream, and games of Monopoly. I also turned 24. And started feeling olddddd.

4 Blogger's Brunches

Starting Blogger's Brunch was one of my biggest accomplishments this year. We launched in Saint John with some of my besties, and travelled across Canada with amazing partnerships (like Joe Fresh) bringing each event to life. BB grew out of a craving to spend more time IRL with female content creators - to connect, create and empower. We did it. No painstaking planning or hesitations. Just taking an idea, and making it happen. And I'm so proud. 

3 Apartments

Three different apartments in one year. More than I've ever moved before. Each place special for its own reasons. 

  • Downtown Fredericton

The exposed brick forever my favourite. 

  • The "Penthouse"

The summer patio forever my favourite. 

  • Montreal

The natural light forever my favourite.

2 Cities

  • Fredericton


My home for 6 years, that never truly felt like home. It was a great little place to grow, but consequently I'd outgrown it. 

  • Montreal

I arrived with a packed car, and 1 day to find an apartment. I fell in love with the city, made new friends, had old ones visit, and began a new chapter. 

1 Kitten

The best part of 2017 was getting Rose!!! Who was I without her? 

Here's to another year. To change. To new moons, and new friends, new cities, new jobs, and new perspectives. 


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