17 Thoughts from 2017

  1. Visit friends often. 
  2. Connect with online friends IRL. 
  3. Make stuff. Art doesn't need to have a purpose.
  4. Declutter often. Don't let "things" tie you to a place.  
  5. There's no such thing as perfect timing. You'll never be "ready". You just have to do it.
  6. Family is important. Spend as much time with them as possible. 
  7. Pets are the best thing for your mental health. Always have a pet. 
  8.  Plan fancy brunches. For work, and with friends.
  9. Don't settle if your heart is unhappy. In relationships, work, or life. 
  10. Change your hair cut. It's just hair. 
  11. Embrace change in general.  
  12. Spend time exploring your own city. Find your favourite spots. Go there often. 
  13. Quit things. Don't care what people think. 
  14. Take care of your health. Meditate. 
  15. Learn new things. Watch the news. Read articles. Do this especially with sources that hold opposing views as you. 
  16. Question everything. Think critically. Don't ever lose that ability. 
  17. Recognize you are a speck on a dot in the universe. Nothing really matters. Time and money are social constructs. If you're unhappy, what's the point? 


Kayley ReedComment