Mental Health Advocacy is Not a Competition

In the past couple of years, more and more brands have popped up with the same goal: to end the stigma around mental health. People have been asking me what I think about so many similar brands starting up and making their mark. Honestly, it's kind of amazing. Here's why:

Thoughts on 'To the Bone'

If you haven't heard about To the Bone, it's the new Netflix film about a girl with anorexia. It's been super controversial in the mental health world, for a multitude of reasons. Here's my thoughts on the film:

Self-Care Sunday with Neutrogena

I've struggled with acne for as long as I can remember. The past year or so, I've finally become more comfortable in my skin (thanks to the body positive & self-love communities on instagram!). This Self-Care Sunday post is all about finding confidence, regardless of your complexion

Blogger's Brunch: Montreal

I started Blogger’s Brunch a few months ago as a way to bring together female bloggers, influencers & content creators to build relationships IRL. Always behind our screens, BB became a safe space for women to connect and collaborate, to ask questions without fear of judgement, to learn from each other, and support each other in building our personal brands. 

From our first sold out brunch in Saint John, to partnering with Joe Fresh for meet-ups in Toronto and Vancouver, to now hosting a Blogger’s Retreat in Montreal. The past few months have been so inspiring, and I’ve met soon many creative, passionate, and ambitious women. 

Here's a recap of our latest retreat & brunch in Montreal.

Cat Accessories for the Modern Minimalist

I recently became the owner of the cutest kitten on the planet: Rose. Yes, she has her own instagram account already (@rosetheragdoll). Yes, I am that cat lady. 

I did hours and hours of research before getting a ragdoll, and subsequently, hours looking for cat accessories that didn't totally suck. Let's be real: 99% of cat products are cheap, brightly coloured, and tacky. So as a new cat owner, and a minimalist with a modern aesthetic, I was on the hunt for products that were: well-made, well-designed, and actually functional. It's surprisingly harder to find than you'd think. Which is why I'm sharing my list here, with you! Including a mini product review, ratings, and where to buy it. Here are the must-have cat accessories for the modern minimalist: 

Why I'm Downsizing to a Capsule Wardrobe

A few weeks ago my friend, Kim, pitched me the idea of her new startup, UnCo.a curated capsule wardrobe experience for the girl boss on the go. 

Instant love. 

She also thought I was ~cool enough~ to be one of the first beta testers (meaning, getting a personalized capsule wardrobe to test out and keep!).  So here we go. 

Kayley x Foxbrook Lipstick

I love supporting other women entrepreneurs and female-led businesses, so when Catherine (the creator of Foxbrook Lipstick) approached me to partner, of course I said yes. Foxbrook Lipstick is a Canadian-made, cruelty free company founded in 2016. What I love about this brand is that all of their lipsticks are modelled by, and designed for, real women. Each shade is named after these women - and I'm so excited to be one of them :)