Inspired by 1969: Fashion & Feminism

It's hard to remember that less than 50 years ago, pantsuits were making the news.

In fashion and in feminism, I'm revelling in our sisters from the second-wave, who paved the way for us today. We've still got lots of work to do.

2018 Intentions

I wrote these on a white snowy evening with Persian tea in hand,
at a cozy coffee shop with twinkling lights and warmth beyond temperature,
across from a creative friend who inspires me and encourages me.

This is how I hope to spend more days this year. 

Looking Back on 2017

I didn't want to write this. To be frank, I'm ready for 2018. A lot has happened, and a lot has changed. Much of which, I don't wish to reflect on. But, as I went back through my camera roll, I realized there's a lot of things I do want to remember. Memories with great people, in great places. The highlight reel. So here's my countdown to the new year:

J'adore Montreal

Going into 2018, I'm committing to creativity. Creating consciously. Writing more freely. Podcasting. Photographing. Even if it just means documenting the little moments. Here's one of them. 

On Going Home

For someone who's spent the past three years of her life advocating for mental health, I still have a hard time admitting when I'm not okay. Ironic? 

Cutting My Hair: A Feminist Act?

My hair was not only a security blanket because of my relationship with it, through mental illness & recovery. It felt safe to me, because I have been told - through movies, media, and from men - that long hair is feminine and beautiful. That in order to be those things - feminine, and beautiful - long hair was a point on a checklist to be crossed.

So was cutting my hair a feminist act? An act of self-love? 

Apartment Kitchen Haul (<$100)

One month into moving, and I'm slowly accumulating all of my apartment furnishings to call this place home. There's been a million little things that I didn't think of immediately, but realized after settling in that I actually need to get. Like, I lived for three weeks with 1 bowl, 1 fork, 1 spoon, and 2 cups... I'm a minimalist, but also an adult, and should probably have some real dish ware ;) 

So, like any reasonable princess, I wanted to find *the cutest* things without paying a ton of $$$ for them. Here's a round up of some of my favourite finds & where to get them: 

Montreal, it's real. I'm here.

While I'd been itching to move for a year or so, actually doing it seemed to happen in a blur. And now, less than a month since really considering taking the plunge, I'm settling into a new city, new lifestyle, and new group of friends.

It's exciting.

It's overwhelming. 

It feels right.